˝100 Navijacev˝ Ad Campaign For Spar

2014 Basketball World Cup in Spain is only a month away. So in preparation for it we did this ad campaign with Spar. Who in return is going to take one hundred lucky fans to see the games.

Client: Spar
Agency: Sportelement
Talent: Zoran Dragic


Campaign as seen in media and billboards.

Spar-C. Jezero-resize

˝Star Bar˝ Ad Campaign For Telemach

Just before the end of the year we did another installment of successful series of ads for Telemach. This time our travelers somehow managed to get stuck in the future. And in the video below you can find out how they got out of their latest troubles.

Client: Telemach
Agency: Sportelement


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21WHQxrup6Q]

Goran Dragic For David Magazine

Images created for a wonderful interview in the latest issue of David magazine. Goran and Zoran Dragic were as always very professional and a pleasure to work with. Now go and read the entire article, available at your nearest news stand.

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As seen in the magazine.

˝Kosarkar Mix˝ Ad Campaign For Telemach

Our latest collaboration needs very little description. Telemach decided they wanted an impactful and edgy imagery for their latest campaign and together with the agency we provided them with exactly that. Goran Dragic was amazing even though we had to shoot until 5am in the morning. But in the end it was all worth it.

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Client: Telemach

Agency: Sportelement

Talent: Goran Dragic



TV ad:


˝Ujemite 1000 Vstopnic˝ Ad Campaign for Spar

In preparation for EuroBasket 2013 we shot this commercial for Spar. Our two talented basketball players Jaka Lakovic and Zoran Dragic were amazing and we had lots of laughs with them. Overall it was a very fun day and I wish the whole Slovenian team lots of success in the championship. Client: Spar

Agency: Sportelement

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_MG_3815 1_resize_wm_MG_3931_resize_wm

As seen in the media.


Tinkara Kovac With Jessica Jagec For Grazia Magazine

A shoot we did a while ago in Hotel Cubo, with one of the best and then still pregnant Slovenian singer Tinkara Kovac and designer Jessica Jagec. Interview with Tinkara was recently published in June issue of Grazia magazine.

Talent: Tinkara Kovac

Designer: Jessica Jagec

Make-Up: Anja Kert

Hair: Matevz Treven

Assistant: Jan Prpic

Location: Hotel Cubo

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As seen in a magazine.

˝Dobra Novica Part 2˝ Ad Campaign For Telemach

For the second part of the campaign the shooting took place in one of my favorite places in Slovenia, Lake Bohinj. Surrounded with mountains, lush forests and clear water the place really is magical. Add to that a nice sunny day, a great team and it would be almost impossible not to make great images. Read all about Telemachs latest campaign here and see the accompanying TV add below.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5ehRNan81I?list=UUlZuukzsbBL4dGGD-kJmhJg]

The Twins

Latest fashion editorial shot in collaboration with one of the best Slovenian stylists, Matevz Faganel and Image Fashion Management Agency. The team was amazing and so are the results. You can see the whole editorial in the latest issue of Story magazine. Or scroll down and also check some of the shots that didn't make it in to the final selection.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

Styling: Matevz Faganel

Models: Sandra Malesevic, Anja Mileksic

Make-Up: Anja Skok

Hair: Matevz Treven


As seen in the magazine.

˝Dobra Novica˝ Ad Campaign For Telemach

Another collaboration between Telemach, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Slovenia. This time the shooting was taking outside in a beautiful, sunny and snowy Kranjska Gora at far north of the country. We had an amazing team all around and the whole day was a blast of fun. Billboards should already be plastered on selected spots across the country. Be sure to check the actual page and TV commercial embedded below.

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telemach 2x5 jumbo OK

Some of the outtakes that didn t make it to the final selection, but I still like them.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwJUIFVOh9s]